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If there is one ingredient on the market that is synonymous with youth it is Hyaluronic acid (HA), a group of sugar molecules found in the skin that deplete as we age. These Molecules work to cushion and lubricate the body, it is found everywhere from head to toe, for example without HA in the knee joints you can quickly develop signs of arthritis, HA is being used as treatments in many musculoskeletal conditions and research into benefits is ongoing.


It has been theorised that the reduction in HA contributes to ageing, though others believe ageing is responsible for the reduction of HA. Either way the effects of low levels of the compound in the skin, especially of the face are easily apparent, wrinkles, saggy, dull and lifeless tissues are just some of the signs. Others can be more serious, for example when the skin is dry it can easily become cracked or flakey, this can lead to bacteria getting into the dermal layers causing infection, the skin is our first defence against pathogens and when it is in poor health it can lead to flare ups of acne, eczema, dermatitis and skin infections. HA can repair this skin and lead to less flare ups of these skin conditions.


HA works by binding to the water molecules in the air, it pulls them into the tissues of the skin, a single molecule of HA can carry over 1000 times its molecular weight of water, this influx of water molecules hydrates the tissues, it firms and plumps them outwards pushing out the wrinkles and smoothing the skin.


Hydra Oz 4.5% Salon size 100 ml Hyaluronic Acid Day Serum

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